Once your campaign is live, you will be notified of any new leads in two ways.  Firstly, all your real time leads will be sent to a dedicated slack channel specifically for your campaign, and once you receive a lead in the channel, you can follow up right away. You will get an email when a new lead has been added to your slack channel. Once you get the slack email, you can go right in, it will take you the slack message which contains the new lead and their profile URLS. So it’s just two clicks - click the button in the email from slack, then click the LI profile URL for the lead, then you can respond immediately

Secondly, our team will send you a Lead Tracker spreadsheet Monday to Friday whenever there are new leads. NOTE: you will not receive the Lead Tracker spreadsheet on days when no new leads were produced.  When you are notified you have a new lead, you should reply to that prospect and include a link to your calendar so they can easily book a call with you. Remember the goal is to get the prospect out of the inbox and on a phone call with you to give you the opportunity to discuss your products and services.