Prospects who respond will fall into either tier 1 or tier 2 leads. Tier 1 leads are those who book calls straight away.  Most people are going to head to your profile before deciding how to respond.  On your profile, we have strategically placed a scheduling link, specifically for this campaign, so that people can book from your profile, which a percentage will do without even responding to the message.

Tier 2 leads are people who respond to clear messaging about what you offer and express genuine interest.  The types of responses you can expect are pretty uniform, they’ll respond and say things like “Hi, that’s great timing, we were just talking about this internally, I’d like to schedule some time with you” or “Thanks for reaching out, I’d like to learn more about this” or “I’m interested, here’s my cell, call me Friday” or they might ask a relevant question about what you offer.  Your team then needs to follow up with them and move them to the next stage of booking an initial call.