There will always be a certain level of “noise” with any marketing campaign.  Noise is false targets or incorrect people being contacted.  This is unavoidable because no search engine, including the one on LinkedIn is perfect, also sometimes people misrepresent the size of their company or forget to update the profile.  Another thing that if you do a search for say “CEOs of Software Companies”, you might get a result back for the title “Chief Product Executive Officer” because LinkedIn’s AI-based search engine is going to see the terms “Chief Executive and Officer” in that title and show it in the search results. We take extreme measures and meticulously go through and clean the contact lists but again, there will always be some noise.  So, if you see someone get a message that doesn’t perfectly fit the target criteria, don’t be alarmed, there will be a percentage of that, but that percentage is extremely small compared to the percentage of correct targets being contacted.